Candidate list is certified, Rosebud’s Primary Election is July 26 2012

Seventy (70) candidates were certified as eligible to run for election by the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Election Board last week. Their names will appear on a ballot for the Primary Election set for July 26, 2012.


Tribal members are encouraged to vote. Any enrolled tribal member who is at least eighteen (18) years old and has lived on the Rosebud Reservation for at least thirty (30) days prior to the election is eligible to register to vote at the Tribal Secretary’s office. Voter registration deadline is July 15, 2012.


Candidates for Tribal President: Lenard “Shadow” Wright, Cyril Scott, Edward Edd Charging Elk, Reg “Reggie” Little Thunder, Rodney M. Bordeaux (incumbent), Kenneth Night Pipe, Valerie Crazy Bull, Lynda “Mona” Douville and Gabriel A. Medicine Eagle.


Vice-president: William “Willie” Kindle (incumbent), Sherman D. Wright, Claudette C. Arcoren, Lois D. Antoine and Oliver J. Semans.


Antelope: Scott O. Herman (incumbent), Louis Moran III, Emil P. Wilson, Shannon M. Shaw-Brill, James R. Leader Charge, Glen Yellow Eagle, Shawn Bordeaux, Calvin “Hawkeye” Waln, Jr., Trent Poignee and Dolores R. Barron.


Ring Thunder: Patricia Douville (incumbent), Rose Stenstrom, Martha Blue Thunder, Raine K. Eagle Cloud and Alvin Bear Heels.


St. Francis: Bonnie J. Hairy Shirt, Dean Yellow Hawk, Anthony Bordeaux, Jr., Joe Ford, Michael Boltz, Sr., John Swift (incumbent), Darleen Black Spotted Horse, John C. Arcoren and Patsy Valandra.


Swift Bear: Delano Clairmont (incumbent), Robert Becker, Harold Medicine Bear and Alvin Bettelyoun, Sr.


Horse Creek: Fremont Fallis, Webster Two Hawk, Sr. (incumbent), Roger A. Moran, Christine M. Arrow and Craig Marshall.


He Dog: Royal Yellow Hawk (incumbent), Floyd Lafferty, Mary Waln, Salina Whipple and Janet Wilcox.


Rosebud: Floyd Reynolds, Troy Lynn Peneaux, Sarah Reynolds, Leana M. Long, Richard Lunderman, Kenneth LaDeaux, Ronald D. “Jock” Gassman, Steve Leader Charge, David C. Reddest, Stephanie C. Sully and Neal T. Kramer.


Upper Cut Meat: Fred Whirlwind, Philimon D. Two Eagle, Kathleen High Pipe (incumbent), and Calvin Two Eagle.


Corn Creek: Arlene (Old Lodge) Black Bear and Brian Hart.


Bull Creek: Todd Bear Shield.


According to officials there was one challenge filed but the paperwork was not received before the deadline. For more information please call the Election Board at (605) 856-2373.

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