Fire burning out of control in Crazy Horse Canyon

GRASS MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY – An out of control fire is burning on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in south central South Dakota.


The fire, which began late in the day on June 14, is believed to be human caused. Local firefighters initially had the blaze under control that same evening. However, high winds caused the fire to flare up again on Friday morning.


Rosebud Sioux Tribal President Rodney Bordeaux gave notice to all tribal programs which activated the Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP) late Friday afternoon (June 15 2012). EPP will to remain active until further notice. Additional fire-fighting crews and resources, including aircraft, have been ordered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Fire Department.


The residents of the new housing area in Grass Mountain Community were asked to evacuate their homes late Friday afternoon. This is only a precaution because the fire has already jumped several lines and the right conditions can change the direction very quickly. Communities on the west side of the Rosebud Indian Reservation are seeing large quantities of smoke blowing through as the wind is blowing from the southeast.


Residents can tune into KOYA Radio at 88.1 FM for updates on the fire. A command center has been established at the Rosebud Fire Hall. For more information please call the Fire Hall at 605-747-2700. You may also contact EPP Director Bill Giroux on his cell phone 605-828-1308.

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  1. It seems quite interesting that there are so many fires burning out of control in so many different places (i.e., New Mexico currently; Florida, California, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, formerly, if not still currently, and there may be others). I do not believe that any of them are “accidents”, but actually part of a much larger plan. I will be more than happy to share the information that I have on which I base this assumption, however it is too lengthy to post here.

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