US Rep. Johnson honors Vietnam Vets

Rosebud, S.D. – US House Representative Dusty Johnson presented a Challenger Coin and lapel pin to several Vietnam veterans in a special ceremony held here last week. The presentations to Vietnam and Vietnam veterans are a cooperative effort between the Department of Defense, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the US House of Representatives. On behalfContinue reading “US Rep. Johnson honors Vietnam Vets”

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

Lots of small Lakota children are being traumatized as you read this. Parents, guardians, grandparents or other caregivers are inflicting trauma on our children every minute of every day. Trauma isn’t just physical abuse. Mental, emotional and spiritual trauma is also child abuse. There are lots of small children acting out the effects of trauma.Continue reading “National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day”

Rosebud Postpones Primary Election

ROSEBUD RESERVATION – A community lockdown due to positive COVID-19 cases has resulted in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s Election Board postponing the Primary Election. The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council discussed the recommendation of the COVID-19 Task Force and law enforcement to lock down Black Pipe Community earlier this week at a regular meeting. The lockdownContinue reading “Rosebud Postpones Primary Election”

A letter from -Viggo Mortensen

A letter from -Viggo Mortensen Mount Rushmore A little historical perspective to keep in mind about Mount Rushmore, site of Donald Trump’s controversial Independence Day celebration this weekend: The Mount Rushmore National Memorial, in the sacred Lakota He Sápa (Black Hills), was created by sculptor Gutzon Borglum nearly 80 years ago. He had previously beenContinue reading “A letter from -Viggo Mortensen”