Rosebud is without a Chief of Police (again)

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is without a Chief of Police. A motion excerpt issued by Tribal Secretary Linda Marshall and addressed to President Rodney Bordeaux states in part that the tribal council voted on May 30, 2012 “to terminate the Chief of Police for lack of leadership and that the police department have a review done and that the Police Commission/Judiciary Committee start the process of restructuring.” The motion was made by Steve Denoyer, Jr. and seconded by Tony Metcalf with the question by Lenard Wright.


In a roll call vote the motion was approved by a vote of eight (8) for, four (4) against, four (4) abstaining and four (4) absent. Voting in favor of termination were Opal Larvie Maxey, Arlene Black Bear, Steve Denoyer, Jr., Robert Shot With Two Arrows, Lenard Wright, Pam Kills In Water, Delano Clairmont and Tony Metcalf.


Voting against termination were Todd Bear Shield, Willie Bear Shield, Patricia Douville and John Swift. Abstaining from voting were Russell Eagle Bear, Lydia Whirlwind Soldier, Royal Yellow Hawk and Charlie Spotted Tail. Absent were Scott Herman, Webster Two Hawk, Sr., Gabriel Medicine Eagle and Kathleen High Pipe.


Prior to the vote several tribal members were allowed to verbally air their grievances against the Chief of Police Grace Her Many Horses and the police department in general. However, Her Many Horses did not get to speak on her own behalf before the tribal council voted to terminate her.


The issue of the termination was again brought up on the tribal council floor on June 7 even though the personnel action had apparently already been signed by President Bordeaux. Once again, several tribal members were allowed to publicly state their opinion about the police department during the meeting.


At the June 7 meeting, Ms. Her Many Horses stated she had not been officially notified of the action taken by the tribal council to terminate her employment. She has the option of filing a grievance within the timeframe specified in the RST Personnel Manual.

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