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The Sicangu Youth Council put together a display honoring the 10 known students who are buried in a cemetery in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The traveling display was set up during the Sinte Gleska University Founder’s Day Activities last week. Photo by Vi Waln.

By Vi Waln

ROSEBUD – The Sicangu Youth Council is asking local families to search their family tree to see if they could possibly be related to any of the students who are buried in the cemetery at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

The youth group has identified at least 10 students with ties to Rosebud who are buried in Carlisle’s cemetery. Other relatives could also be buried there. Several local family surnames can be traced to students who attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School from 1879-1918. The names are included in the following paragraphs.

Chief White Thunder’s Son and Sister-in-Law: Knocks Off and White Cow.

Children and relatives of Black Crow: Plenty Aunt, Strikes The Enemy, Passes Through The Enemy and Rain Water.

Chief Iron Shell’s children and relatives: Thunder, Short Leg, Runs After The Moon, Her Pipe and Looking Woman.

Children and relatives of Chief Blue Tomahawk: Joe Taylor, Strikes First, Warrior and Ear.

Children and relatives of Good Voice: Bull Man, Kills, Looking Woman and White Woman.

Children and relatives of Whirlwind Soldier: Frog, Kills Without Wounding, Running Horse and Big Boy Earth.

Children and relatives of Big Star: Henry Thigh, Frank Yellow Bird, Young Bird and Little Girl.

Children and relatives of Geese: Behind, White Man, Little Man, Hawk Charging Daylight, Kills Without Wounding, White Whirlwind, Yellow Ear, Shoes and White Horse.

Children and relatives of Coarse Voice: Little Wolf, One That Kills 7 Horses, Wind Blows, White Whirlwind, Negut, Chit-set-suh, Passon, Buckskin Jim, Smoke, Shevano, Piah and Kopesit.

Children and relatives of Fills The Pipe: Makes Trouble in the Front, Runs in the Clouds, Crockery Face and Yellow Lod.

Children and relatives of Chief Quick Bear: Wants To Be Chief, Kills Plenty, Kills The Enemy and Paints Dust.

Interpreter Tackett and children of Spotted Tail: Tackett, Stays At Home, Little Scout, Bugler and Talks With Bears.

Children and relatives of High Bear: High Bear, Yellow Jack, Yellow Hair and Pretty Woman.

Children and relatives of Iron Wings: Red Medicine, Bull Man, Mrs. McKenzie and Looking Woman.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how to research your family tree, please contact Marcida Eagle Bear at (605) 441-5668 or the Tribal Historic Preservation Office (605)747-4255.

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