Dances With Wolves Star Visits Rosebud


Mary McDonnell II
Mary McDonnell attended a birthday celebration held in rural Parmelee for spiritual leader Roy Stone, Sr. She was also adopted as a daughter in a Hunka ceremony by the late Fred and Doris Leader Charge. She is pictured here with her Hunka relatives, Shelley Means, Rita Means, Shylee Brave and Damon Leader Charge. Courtesy photo.


By Vi Waln

ROSEBUD – Mary McDonnell, the actress who played Stands With A Fist in the movie Dances With Wolves, spent the weekend in Rosebud.

The actress attended SGU Founder’s Day activities over the weekend. She facilitated an acting class for interested people on the SGU campus on Friday morning. She also participated a wacipi grand entry and was publicly honored by SGU.

“28 years ago I came here for the first time,” stated McDonnell at the honoring hosted by Sinte Gleska University (SGU). “Doris Leader Charge took me under her wing and she taught me many things about all of you. She took me to my first pow-wow. I’m very proud to be associated with Sinte Gleska University. I’m deeply grateful to all of you. It’s a whole lot of fun to be here.”

She took time to attend a Saturday afternoon celebration in rural Parmelee organized by family members of Chief Roy Stone, Sr. in honor of his birthday.

McDonnell received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1990 movie. She learned her Lakota lines for the movie from the late Doris Leader Charge and the late Albert White Hat, Sr.

The public came forward to shake hands with McDonnell during an honor song for her at the wacipi Saturday evening. In addition, many local citizens posted pictures of themselves with McDonnell on their Facebook pages over the weekend. McDonnell currently stars in the TNT series Major Crimes, in the role of a police officer working in the major crimes division.

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  1. I was delighted to read this article about Mary McDonnell’s visit to Rosebud. Anyone who saw Dances with Wolves witnessed this lady’s skill and craft at storytelling. . . and OF COURSE, under the tutoring of the late and great Doris Leader Charge. May she rest in supreme peace and happiness. . . Thank you again!

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