They’re lying

The Keystone XL pipeline could be the final rape of Unci Maka.


The natural minerals of Unci Maka are basically non-toxic until man excavates them for profit. We aren’t meant to mine these minerals. 


In Canada, portions of the Boreal Forest are now decimated due to tar sands mining. Indigenous people in the surrounding area currently suffer from major illnesses.


Canadian and American politicians have sold their souls to wealthy big oil corporations. They have zero conscience regarding the corporate assault upon Unci Maka.


They obviously don’t care about what happens to our sacred water and all the living things we as humans must co-exist with.


I listened to a retired politician chatter on television last week about how the Keystone XL pipeline is safe. The nonsense he spoke didn’t convince me. His meaningless words reminded me of the numerous roughnecks who testified at the State Department’s Public Hearing in 2011. One by one they spoke like pre-programmed robots. Their scripted speeches were about how the project was going to put them to work.


They were likely programmed with what to say as they cruised in the prepaid charter buses to the 2011 State Department hearing in Pierre. They’ve also sold their souls. They’re highly misinformed.


The construction of a monster pipeline might bring jobs. Yet, they will be temporary jobs which are likely already promised to the union workers who advocate mindlessly for destructive pipeline projects such as Keystone XL.


It’s really about The Almighty Dollar.


There are many aspects to a construction project like this. One reality which has many worried is the prospect of a man camp being established on our Rez.


Do you have relatives living on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota? They are aware of what a man camp is and how much grief it has brought to their area.


Imagine a throng of strange roughnecks living within 100 miles of Rosebud. Don’t know what roughneck means? My favorite online dictionary defines the term as “a rough or violent person; thug.”


We are facing grave danger. We definitely don’t need a large group of violent thugs living so close to us.


Consequently, Three Affiliated tribal members affected by the oil boom on Fort Berthold can give firsthand accounts of what their people have suffered. The oil brought roughnecks, money, drugs and crime.


Heroin drug dealers and high crime rates, including violent sexual assaults, are now regular occurrences on Fort Berthold.


The final day to submit your comments on the Keystone XL pipeline project is Friday, March 7, 2014. If you have access to a computer and can get online please leave your comments AGAINST this death project.


The Ogallala Aquifer is at risk. People who are blind to everything except money will tell you the project is safe.


Politicians who’ve sold their souls to big oil will tell you there is no danger from man camps to your children, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties and grandmas.


They’re lying.

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