Our Children Need Us

I watched a bunch of happy children enjoying the Valentine’s Day Carnival sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud last week. The staff and volunteers did a great job.


It would be awesome if all of our communities could have a site for children to go and have activities to do. There are youth councils in every community but there are still lots of children who are being left out. When you add the lack of funding to this problem the issue seems insurmountable.


Also, another issue of concern is what is happening in our schools. There are so many of our young people being viciously bullied at school. A bully can be someone of any age. Students, paraprofessionals, teachers, support staff, administrators and school board members can be bullies.


Is your student being needlessly harassed by an adult at their school?


Consequently, many of our young people are very angry. In order to numb the anger they are feeling inside some of them choose to hurt themselves. There are many young people who are cutting themselves today. It’s a way for them to focus on something other than the pain they are feeling inside.


Also, many young people are having thoughts of going further than just cutting themselves. Some have made one or more attempts to end their own lives. Many have succeeded in leaving this world behind while others will make more attempts to leave.


Our precious children find heinous ways to deal with their inner anger. I received a message about an animal cruelty incident in Parmelee recently. Someone had wrapped up a dog in a plastic bag and covered a cat with duct tape. Children who do things like this to animals are emotionally disturbed. They grow up to be emotionally disturbed adults.


A handful of adults actually care about what happens to our young people. I hear a lot of people talking but see hardly anyone doing. Many of the tribal programs which are funded to help our youth have a better life are just empty programs. You might see their program listed on the poster of an event sponsored by another entity which is as far as their involvement goes.


A parent recently approached me to vent her frustration at the lack of coordination between the numerous programs funded with millions of dollars meant for our youth. She also told me about pictures on her daughter’s cell phone. Our young people are texting pictures of themselves to one another to show the severity of the cuts they inflict upon themselves.


Parents: your teenager needs you. If you are all wrapped up in your addictions please know that your children will be better off when you start tending to their needs.


Angry children grow up into raging adults who do more than cut themselves. At some point animal cruelty evolves into assaulting humans. Your child’s unresolved anger can even lead them straight into prison.


The future of the Lakota depends upon the children.



Published by Vi Waln


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