Rosebud Postpones Primary Election


ROSEBUD RESERVATION – A community lockdown due to positive COVID-19 cases has resulted in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s Election Board postponing the Primary Election.

The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council discussed the recommendation of the COVID-19 Task Force and law enforcement to lock down Black Pipe Community earlier this week at a regular meeting. The lockdown began at 6pm on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 and will stay in effect through Friday, July 23, 2020 at 6am. The action was taken due to the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Black Pipe Community. No one is allowed to leave or pass through the community, which is located on highway 63.

Due to the lockdown of Black Pipe Community, the RST Election Board announced the postponement of the Primary Election from July 23, 2020 to August 6, 2020. The decision to postpone the Primary Election was made in a meeting of the Election Board, as well as tribal attorneys, on July 21, 2020.

The following statement was released by the Election Board:

“The RST Election Board has been faced with a very tough decision. First and foremost, our biggest concern is the health and safety of our tribal members of all ages. We would like to send thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, the RST Election Board, in a duly called special meeting, has moved to postpone the Primary Election to Thursday, August 6, 2020.

“We hope that all tribal members open your hearts and minds to our decision and remember that this is for the health and safety of our tribal nation. Thank you for your understanding. Please continue to adhere to the social distancing procedures. Stay healthy and stay safe. Love and prayers to all. NOTE: This postponement does not affect the General Election Timeline of August 27, 2020.”

For more information please call the Election Office at 605-747-3187.

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