Woman Harasses Students Near Campus

By Vi Waln

MISSION – A self-proclaimed street minister upset many parents when she shouted inappropriately at several students waiting at the bus stop at the Todd County High School campus last week.

Angela Cummings carried a video camera to tape her harassment of students last week. Photo from Facebook.

Angela Cummings carried a camera to video-tape her visit to the high school campus. She posted what she said was an edited video of the encounter she had on YouTube. Any Internet user can view the YouTube video by searching for “Mission South Dakota High School Revival or Riot.”

“Your God is dead; my God is alive!” Cummings yelled at students waiting to board the bus. “You are miserable, you would rather go to the medicine man than God the father, God the son and God the holy ghost, your medicine man cannot save you. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him, not the medicine man loser. The medicine man are losers. Your medicine man does not love you!”

The woman also allegedly called a local medicine man 57 times with the intent of harassing him. The man had to report her to police to stop the harassing phone calls.

She is also seen on her video hollering at teens, yelling “Justin Bieber wannabe” and challenging a parent to “Come on, hit me.”

Students on the video could be heard yelling “Go home!”

“Today, I went to the only high school here on the Indian reservation and begin to preach against sin,” Cummings wrote in a November 21 error-filled post on Facebook. “Presented the gospel and 3 police showed up. One drove by and didn’t bother stopping. The other 2 did nothing and asked about free speech laws. He did not even know. I told him my legal right and not once did he attempt to stop me. A mom threatened to get out and come hit me. I said ‘Come on’.”

Photo from Facebook.

“However, when I left another mom came after me with 2 teens and got so mad, that she parked car and followed me with camera in my face,” she wrote. “I walked to post office for safety and a Lutheran pastor was there placed by God.”

A video of this encounter also appears on YouTube, titled “Native American stalks Woman Street Preacher in Mission, South Dakota.”

Another Facebook post from Johnny Wade read “I’m the Pastor of All Nations church, we are appalled at what we have seen and heard from Angela [Cummings] on the sidewalk at Todd County High School. We could not believe she would say such things to students and other people. She completely and totally crossed the line in regards to any and everything we represent. We would never endorse such behavior towards students and against any other person in this community or anywhere else.”

“On behalf of our church, we apologize to all who were insulted out there by [Angela Cumming’s] very hard and careless words,” wrote Pastor Wade. “I know we weren’t out there but I feel compelled because our church name was used out there and if a person is going to use our church they must represent our views and values and this totally goes against what we believe and who we are as a church so on behalf of All Nations Church I ask forgiveness for what Angela [Cummings] said to our students-it was unacceptable.”

Several subsequent social media posts by parents of Todd County students appeared to advocate for the iron fence to remain around the high school following the incident. The school board had previously approved an action to take the fence down.




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