Questioning Cattle Deaths in South Dakota

Good morning, my late Grandparents ranched all their lives. I am thinking of them this week and send prayers to all the South Dakota Ranchers who were hit with big losses because of the storm. We drove to Rapid City, SD yesterday and saw some of the dead cattle lying in the pastures. I cannot comprehend losing my life’s work. Not at all.

Pretty Work

I’ve been reading through blog posts about the aftermath of last weeks winter storm in South Dakota.  I came across a couple of news articles on CNN and NBC News sites.  And then I did something I never, ever should have done.  I scrolled down to the comments section.  Word of advice: Do Not Scroll Down to the Comments Section.  Ever.

It’s not a nice place.  People are very nasty there.  It made me sad and mad and dumbfounded.  There were so many accusations  comments from so many people who very clearly of little to no understanding of ranching or livestock.  But boy oh boy, do they have opinions!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not here to try to change anyone’s mind, this is after all, a free country.  All I’m asking is that you try to base your opinions on facts and not assumptions…

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