Response to Mitchell Daily Republic; Letter to Editor


LETTER: Go ahead and negligently rant, Steve Novotny

By: Roquel Gourneau

To the Editor:


This letter is in response to an editorial that your paper had posted about an economic boycott in Chamberlain by the Tribal Chairman of the Crow Creek reservation, titled “Go ahead and boycott us, Brandon Sazue”. While I (as a Native American of South Dakota, myself) can appreciate any publicity given to Tribes in general, I completely disagree with the blatant disregard of true and unbiased facts that have been portrayed in said editorial article.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for freedom of speech, however I’d like to mention a thing called libel. (Libel is published defamation of character. Libel is by definition false, anything that is provably true cannot be libelous. “Published” in this context simply means that the libelous statement is communicated to someone other than the person being libeled. That…

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