Violence Against Native Women knows no boundaries

“In my opinion, Kevin Cramer is the epitome of white male privilege.  He did not come to the meeting with the intention to listen.  He came with his own agenda.  He made threats of violence towards my Tribal leaders, spoke of how dysfunctional our people are, and focused on how unfair the Tribal Court system would treat a non-Native offender.  This man represents North Dakota on a national level.  There are 5 reservations in North Dakota.  From the way he spoke, he cares nothing of them, and in fact seems to think we are beneath him.  It is 2013.  One would think racism would not be as prevalent and blatant as those 30 minutes spent with Congressman Kevin Cramer proved to be.  If he is comfortable speaking so openly against natives, it frightens me to think of how he speaks of us behind closed doors.” Read more here:

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