Our ancestors were highly evolved spiritual beings

As human beings we are all born with the ability to evolve. You might associate evolution only with physical attributes. After all, the discussion surrounding evolution normally involves how animals have physically adapted over the eons. I believe a human being has the inherent ability to also evolve on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Our ancestors were highly evolved spiritual beings. I would even venture to say our Lakota ancestors were at an important pinnacle of their spiritual existence when that lost Italian washed ashore. Sadly, we have been on a gradual descent from that spiritual pinnacle ever since. Each generation seems to depend on the one behind it to save us all.


Even so, we still have our way of life. Lakota still go to ceremonies which are conducted to ensure the renewal of seasons so our children can continue living on our Earth Mother. But even though we still have all of this, there was much which was lost or forgotten under the wasicu influence. My late Grandmother used to stay that the ceremonies we see today are merely a shadow of what our ancestors once had in terms of spirituality. I believed her.


Still, sometimes when we are in prayer or in ceremony we are offered a glimpse of what our spirituality was like before the coming of the wasicu. I have learned those spiritually revealing moments are offered to the human beings who have learned how to become open to their own personal evolution. Some Lakota people have special abilities which are intensified when we are in ceremony. Individual clairvoyance, clairaudience, premonitions and other supernatural or psychic gifts are often magnified when we participate in a powerful ceremony.


When you have done the work to process the negative things which keep you stuck, you have a much better chance of opening your inner self to the many dimensions of human evolution. Those things which can hold you back are dark emotions, judgment, prejudices and the like.


Personal flashes of evolution are amazing. Have you ever had moments when an extremely profound thought suddenly comes into your mind? Sometimes, I would wonder why I never saw clearly some basic truths of life sooner. Now I realize that I could not have attained the ability of entertaining higher level thoughts unless I had undergone some processing out of certain things which no longer served me. Anger, hate, bitterness, resentment, victimhood, drug addiction, alcohol overdosing and similar behaviors, will only work to further imprison the mind, emotions and spirit. Thus, you will continue to functioning at a very low level of spiritual awareness. When I clung to my own inner darkness, I made a conscious choice to remain locked out of my own evolution. Does that make sense?


Our ancestors were very strong on all levels. They were physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for most anything. They were not prepared, however, for the level of destruction brought by the wasicu. The wasicu taught us how to engage in many negative things. The wasicu influence has been effective in shutting down many of our Lakota people to their own innate ability to evolve as spiritual beings. We are locked out of our own individual power and even though we have the key we do not know how to use it to unlock our own spiritual gifts.


Still, it will do absolutely no good to our descendants if we continue to blame all of our problems on the wasicu. The wasicu also brought many things which improved our lives. But, the negative things which they pushed upon our ancestors hundreds of years ago are regrettably the same issues which many of our people choose to carry on in their lives today. As an individual human being, you will never evolve if you continue to engage in the substances, emotions and behaviors which keep the key just out of your reach.


I know of many instances where my own people overdose on alcohol and then when their inhibitions are all washed away in the drink, they will attack members of their own family. Human beings who cannot find their way past a bottle of booze will probably not find their way to their own innate keys to evolve as a spiritual being.


It’s pretty sad when you have Lakota grandmothers who are my age or older regularly overdosing on alcohol any chance they get. I know of one woman on the Rosebud Rez who is a little bit older than me who recently began receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI). She received a decent check from SSI which was probably a retroactive payment.


And not too long ago, this grandma showed up at her community center highly intoxicated. She proceeded to harass the people who were working there over items which were being distributed to all the members of the community. Law enforcement officials were called but they failed to respond in a timely manner so the workers at the community center finally had to shut the place down because she refused to leave. Sadly, Unci made a public spectacle of herself through her indulgence in alcohol.


When people drink enough alcohol, they become very belligerent. Booze enables them to summon enough false courage which they will use to attack innocent members of their community. Sometimes, these vicious attacks are not done face-to-face. Some people who overdose on alcohol will drunkenly babble malicious rumors about others. They will also engage in cyber bullying. They will even invent horrible gossip stories about their own family members or in-laws.


This is not the life our highly evolved, spiritual ancestors envisioned. This is one example of how alcohol has robbed many of us of our ability to evolve as spiritual beings. When the Takoja see their Unci having a rough life affected by her own alcohol overdosing, it’s a dismal picture.


I always pray for the Takoja to evolve into highly spiritual humans just like our ancestors were.

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