Disease of the mind is an acute mental illness

Good health means a genuine commitment to total wellness. This means maintaining health in all aspects of our lives, including our innermost thoughts and emotions. A truly healthy human is one who is emotionally intelligent. Wikipedia defines emotional intelligence as “the ability, capacity, skill or a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups.”


The lack of healthy emotions and thoughts will contribute to a totally preventable illness known to many as the disease of the mind. Chief Arvol Looking Horse once stated we “must realize this disease of the mind will spread even faster, if we don’t take control of our behavior.” It is disheartening to witness the actions of many people today as they exhibit the symptoms of extreme cases of disease of the mind.


In my opinion, a diseased mind is one that is poisoned by thoughts of denial, paranoia, violence, revenge, etc. The thoughts controlling a diseased mind are rampant with plots of retaliation. There is a true lack of discipline in a mind dominated with constant negative or violent thoughts. You are the only person in control of your thoughts. No one forces you to think these thoughts. No one!


When emotionally unhealthy adults throw temper tantrums or threaten/commit violent acts on others it is often a regression to the first time they were hurt as a child by the primary caregiver in their lives, in my opinion. For example, if an adult male was hurt by the female figure in his life when he was say, 5 years old or so, he reverts back to that age when angered and seeks revenge through violent thoughts or acts. I see this happening quite often among our people who are afflicted with the disease of the mind.


Consequently, the diseased mind encourages disrespect. A person who is afflicted with a diseased mind reveals their personal sickness through what they say about others. For instance, a diseased mind encourages many men to constantly conjure demeaning phrases, many filled with violent connotations, about the women of his tribe or family.


Much of today’s hard core rap/hip-hop music is marked by derogatory lyrics aimed at females. Also, a lack of education is apparent in a limited vocabulary marked by constant swearing. Limited education is compounded by ignorance in many instances. When rappers have to use four-letter words it shows what they lack as artists in terms of originality.


Stay in school and expand your vocabulary! It is never too late to learn new words! The more you learn the less chance you will succumb to living your life crippled by a diseased mind.


Also, it is a great sign of disrespect when the men who are widely recognized as either spiritual or elected leaders of our tribes feel they must spread lies about their own people. It is very disrespectful when a Lakota man who professes to be a spiritual or political leader assaults the mother of his children or threatens to physically attack other women and elders. It all goes back to their state of mind.


The mind is very powerful. Your own violent mind can convince you that an obvious lie is really a truth to be upheld! Listen to what people say because it is usually what they are thinking. Again, your mind will convince you of things which are not real. This is the nature of the disease of the mind; one’s own distorted thought process convinces him/her of the righteousness of violent acts and behaviors.


The story of Pte San Win is about the spiritual maiden who appeared to two men bearing a very sacred gift. One of the men was afflicted with disease of the mind. Still, she allowed him to approach even though he harbored a violent thought. When he got close enough, he was engulfed in a cloud. When the dust cleared the maiden remained untouched while all that was left of the disrespectful man was a pile of bones.


We do not deserve to be threatened or hurt with physical violence. Our children deserve better. As mothers, it is our responsibility to protect our children from situations where there are people afflicted with the disease of the mind. Disease of the mind can be classified as an acute mental illness, in my opinion. Adding drugs and/or alcohol to someone with an acute mental illness is not a good idea.


As women we are looked upon as the caretakers of our children. When a woman makes the choice to bear a child, she accepts responsibility for that child’s well-being. You brought a life into this world and must care for the life you created. No one else is responsible for your children. No one!


The entities and people who are not responsible for the children you create are the tribe, the state, your parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family. They do not hold the primary responsibility to ensure the well-being of your child. You alone are responsible for the children you have. Our children are precious but it seems as though we have totally forgotten this as many little ones are suffering.


Today we make many excuses in order to enable parents who do not want to care for their children. We might see mothers/fathers with alcohol, drug or relationship problems. We justify their addictions and believe they cannot care for their children. We accept the fact that many of our own children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care.


You have no excuse to lose your children. If you do not have the means or desire to care for a child, you have to think twice before engaging in the activity leading to pregnancy. Honor both yourself and the life you create when you have children.


My prayers are always with the spirits of innocent children who die a violent death at the hands of their family members or other caregivers.

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