A Sacred Alignment only seen every 26,000 years

Sunday, May 20, was the New Moon. This cycle of the Moon is when Mother Earth is shrouded in total darkness at night. The Moon is still there but we just cannot see her.


Many of us view New Moon as a time to make new prayers for the next cycle. It is also a time for new beginnings. We get this chance to renew our prayers and make new starts every single cycle of the Moon. As a human being, I am grateful for the universe allowing me this opportunity every month.


There was also an annular solar eclipse on Sunday. The last time an eclipse like this occurred was in 1994. The next annular solar eclipse will take place in the year 2023. So if you missed the celestial event on Sunday, you will have to wait 11 years for the next one.


An annular solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between Mother Earth and the Sun. It is an annular eclipse because the Moon appears to be smaller than the Sun and all light is hidden except for a bright halo, sometimes referred to as a ring of fire.


During the eclipse on Sunday, Mother Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the Pleiades were all in alignment. The energy was awesome. I hope you made the best of the sacred time on Sunday. This only happens every 26,000 years.


Even though eclipse energy is very intense, it is a great time to reflect on our inner selves and where we are on the path of life. It is the perfect time to let go of people or situations which are no longer in your best interest.


Also, Full Moon was a couple of weeks ago. I saw where people were calling her a Super Moon because she looked really big and her reflection was very bright. How did you feel during the Super Moon?


The cycle of our Moon affects the Earth in many ways. Moon energy is linked to water. So, it makes sense to me that when it is Full Moon the water inside our bodies is affected. Many people become highly emotional during the time of the Full Moon.

A New Moon will also affect the water within our bodies and our emotions. People who are disconnected from nature or not spiritually conscious might scoff at the idea of their body being affected by the Moon’s cycle. And this is still a free will zone so you can believe whatever you like.


Yet, if you start paying attention you may realize that you are affected. The next Full Moon is June 4, so mark the date and be aware of yourself. Moon energy can affect sleep patterns. Either we are tired and want to sleep more or we have insomnia. If you are interested to find out how you are affected maybe you can keep track of both the New and Full Moon times to see.


Another phenomenon which also affects me personally is the coronal mass ejections (CME) which come from the Sun. Some of you may know these as solar flares. I became interested in these Sun spots several years ago. I began looking for articles online about the solar flares and even found video on them. Today you can event watch online videos of massive CMEs from the sun.


Sometimes the energy from a CME will burst forth from the side of the Sun facing away from us. Other times the flare will be from the side we see. When the energy from these ejections hits our atmosphere it will affect many things.


A CME on the other side of the Sun has minimal effects upon our atmosphere. But when the energy is released and heads straight for Mother Earth it can affect the satellites in space. It can also affect electricity grids. I can always tell when there is solar flare energy in our midst because sometimes my television picture will freeze or seem to break up.


CME energy also affects human beings. People seem to be more edgy when Mother Earth is engulfed in CME energy. You can use this energy in a positive way to do work on your inner self with the goal of healing. Or you can allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the dark emotions such as anger, misery, bitterness, etc. You always have a choice.


If you don’t like the choice you make then choose again. Many human beings do not understand the power of choice. I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be angry. No one else can choose for me.


Many human beings are now on the path of self-realization or enlightenment. They are the people who have stopped fooling themselves. They also no longer allow their ego to control every waking moment. They understand the answers are all within themselves and they are making efforts to heal.


Other human beings are stumbling down a different path. Many are in denial of the changes humanity is now facing. The fear of what the year 2012 holds for many is an added stressor. When you focus on the negative, you can be sure that is what you will get. Are you one of the people who think the world is going to end this year? If so, you might be having a very difficult time adjusting to all the energies brought by eclipses, solar flares, Moon cycles and Earth changes in general.


And if you think one eclipse was hard to get through, the party isn’t over yet. There is also an upcoming lunar eclipse on the calendar for the Full Moon on June 4, 2012.


Finally, eclipse energy lingers after the actually event has taken place. Some of us will undergo a major life change during an eclipse window. A person, job or relationship may be eclipsed into or out of your life. Go with the flow of energy.

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