oh em gee…I have a blog site!

Hello Relatives and Friends!

This is the first time I have ever created and posted on a personal blog. I hope to share my scribblings here with all of you and provide other information which I believe you might be interested in. As human beings we are forever growing and changing. It is called evolution. Oftentimes our life path leads us in different directions. I believe I am entering a new phase in my life as a writer and I hope to keep you updated through this site.

I welcome all comments but please know I will not tolerate personal attacks here. As the owner of this blog it is my privilege to delete inappropriate posts and/or comments. Keep it clean folks and maybe we can learn together.

Visit my new Facebook page at Sicangu Lakota Times where I plan to post photos and public documents.

Follow me on Twitter @wicaglata where I post links to articles which interest me.

As my tagline states, please do not mistake my honesty for disrespect. I appreciate your visits here and thank you for reading my thoughts.

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  1. I liked the pow-wow it is the first time danced since WhiteRiver pow-wow…thanks for the pix

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