It’s LNI Week

December 9, 2018 Vi Waln The Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI) will once again host large groups of student athletes and scholars as they compete in a full program of high school activities. The forty second annual Lakota Nation Invitational will celebrate the athletic talents, academic skills and cultural knowledge of our Indigenous youth. What beganContinue reading “It’s LNI Week”

We Embrace Tribal Heritage Every Day

November 22, 2018 Vi Waln Native American Heritage Month is designed by Presidential Proclamation in November. Native American Heritage Day is observed on the day after Thanksgiving. Yet, this month is really no different for the Native American people living on Turtle Island as many in Indian Country actively embrace their tribal heritage every day.Continue reading “We Embrace Tribal Heritage Every Day”

Fake News

August 16, 2018 Vi Waln In 2018, some of the most damaging attacks are coming from government officials. Criticizing the news media — for underplaying or overplaying stories, for getting something wrong — is entirely right. News reporters and editors are human, and make mistakes. Correcting them is core to our job. But insisting thatContinue reading “Fake News”

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

May 9, 2018 Vi Waln Lots of small Lakota children are being traumatized as you read this. Parents, guardians, grandparents or other caregivers are inflicting trauma on our children every minute of every day. Trauma isn’t just physical abuse. Mental, emotional and spiritual trauma is also child abuse. There are lots of small children actingContinue reading “National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day”