I am a Lakota Woman and I know My Place

Vi Waln The Lakota people have always been a matriarchal society. The Lakota men who understand what a matriarchal society involves, were raised to show respect for women. In Lakota culture, women are the givers of life and are considered sacred beings. As women, we have always had an important voice in Lakota society. OurContinue reading “I am a Lakota Woman and I know My Place”

Human Trafficking is Closer than you Think

By Vi Waln Last month, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Proclamation stating “Whether through violence, deceit, or the promises of a better life, some of the most vulnerable populations among us — including migrants and refugees fleeing conflict or disaster, homeless LGBT youth, Alaska Native and American Indian women and girls, and children inContinue reading “Human Trafficking is Closer than you Think”

Our People are Addicted to Commercial Tobacco

By Vi Waln According to the American Indian Cancer Foundation, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among American Indians. You will greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer if you are a non-smoker. Unfortunately, American Indians probably have the highest rates of tobacco use in the world. Contrary to what you mayContinue reading “Our People are Addicted to Commercial Tobacco”