Aske Win: A Lakota Ancestor

By Vi Waln “Get up early to greet the Morning Star and Tunkasila will bless you all day.” ~Dinah Crow Dog-Running (Aske Win) 1933-2006   March is Women’s History Month. Most of the commemorations related to Women’s History in this country are focused on females of European descent. For instance, Susan B. Anthony is aContinue reading “Aske Win: A Lakota Ancestor”

AIFRA Amendments of 1994 do not include Marijuana

By Vi Waln The American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA) Amendments of 1994 were established to protect members of federally-recognized Indian tribes who attend Native American Church (NAC) ceremonies and ingest peyote. The AIRFA also allows members of federally recognized tribes to obtain permits to buy, possess and transport peyote for use in bona fideContinue reading “AIFRA Amendments of 1994 do not include Marijuana”