Dances With Wolves Star Visits Rosebud

    By Vi Waln ROSEBUD – Mary McDonnell, the actress who played Stands With A Fist in the movie Dances With Wolves, spent the weekend in Rosebud. The actress attended SGU Founder’s Day activities over the weekend. She facilitated an acting class for interested people on the SGU campus on Friday morning. She alsoContinue reading “Dances With Wolves Star Visits Rosebud”

Hostile Work Environments are Harrassment

  By Vi Waln Working in a hostile environment affects you more than you realize. I’ve experienced what it’s like to work for organizations that condone hostile environments. It isn’t fun. Today, I would estimate that 99.9% of employed people on the homelands are subject to hostile environments at work. Sometimes the hostility comes fromContinue reading “Hostile Work Environments are Harrassment”

Sicangu Youth Host Meeting with Carlisle Descendants

  By Vi Waln ROSEBUD – The first meeting of Sicangu Lakota descendants of children who are buried in Carlisle, Pennsylvania was emotional, educational and empowering. “Our children went to the youth conference in Washington DC last summer,” stated Russell Eagle Bear, who serves as Rosebud’s Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. “On the trip back theyContinue reading “Sicangu Youth Host Meeting with Carlisle Descendants”

Human Trafficking and Slavery are Very Real

By Vi Waln January is National Stalking Awareness Month. President Barack Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation stating: “Every person deserves to live freely and without the fear of being followed or harassed. Stalking is a violation of our fundamental freedoms, and it insults our most basic values as a Nation. Often perpetrated by those weContinue reading “Human Trafficking and Slavery are Very Real”

Sicangu Youth Council Works to Have Remains Returned

  By Vi Waln ROSEBUD – Spirit is believed to be guiding the efforts of a group of young people in their quest to have human remains disinterred and returned to tribal lands. The Sicangu Youth Council has set an intent to pursue the return of human remains of several children buried in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.Continue reading “Sicangu Youth Council Works to Have Remains Returned”

An Invitation to Tribal Citizens, Medicine Men, Spiritual Leaders and Descendants

By Vi Waln ROSEBUD – The Rosebud Sioux Tribe invites all tribal citizens, relatives, medicine men, spiritual leaders and Descendants to a discussion about the Sicangu Lakota students who are buried in a cemetery in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. From 1879-1918, many tribal children and teenagers were sent to the boarding school at Carlisle. Nearly 200 ofContinue reading “An Invitation to Tribal Citizens, Medicine Men, Spiritual Leaders and Descendants”

The Political Monster of Corruption

By Vi Waln I am a tribal employee. Before I was hired in my present position, I served on the tribal grievance committee. I’ve also served on many other tribal boards, committees and commissions. As a journalist, I sat in on many tribal council and committee meetings. Thus, I’ve studied how tribal personnel issues areContinue reading “The Political Monster of Corruption”