Elect Tribal Officials Who Have Integrity

By Vi Waln The Primary Election on the Rosebud Reservation will be held on Thursday, July 23, 2015. Voters will choose several candidates to appear on the General Election ballot in August. There are ten tribal council representative seats open, as well as the four constitutional officer positions. Technology has changed the way candidates areContinue reading “Elect Tribal Officials Who Have Integrity”

Tribal Economic Development Task Force Meets on Rosebud

By Vi Waln MISSION – A task force created by the South Dakota House of Representatives met here last week to hear presentations by the Rosebud and Oglala Sioux Tribes. Members of the Tribal Economic Development Task Force opened their meeting with a presentation by Clark Guthmiller of the US Department of Agriculture at theContinue reading “Tribal Economic Development Task Force Meets on Rosebud”

Our Most Valuable Resource is Our Children

Our children, teenagers and young people are the most valuable resource we have. We call them Wakanyeja, a term which denotes their sacredness. I pray for the families who realize the importance of Lakota children and nurture them. I also pray for the Lakota families who are controlled by their addictions and don’t seem toContinue reading “Our Most Valuable Resource is Our Children”