SHUT DOWN TARSANDS by Debra White Plume, Feb 16, 2013

  While citizens in Nebraska and all over the USA watched and waited for the decision of Nebraskan Governor Heinman regarding his decision to allow or prevent the Transcanada Keystone XL oil pipeline into ‘his’ state, I cringed, as that mentality is damaging and part of the colonial construct. The Ogllala Aquifer does not acknowledgeContinue reading “SHUT DOWN TARSANDS by Debra White Plume, Feb 16, 2013”

A Letter to President Obama

October 9, 2011   President Barack Obama The White House Washington, DC   Secretary Hilary Clinton Department of State Washington, DC   Dear President Obama and Secretary Clinton:   Please consider this letter as my written comments on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline expansion. As a human being dependent upon Mother Earth for my sustenance,Continue reading “A Letter to President Obama”