Our ancestors were highly evolved spiritual beings

As human beings we are all born with the ability to evolve. You might associate evolution only with physical attributes. After all, the discussion surrounding evolution normally involves how animals have physically adapted over the eons. I believe a human being has the inherent ability to also evolve on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Continue reading “Our ancestors were highly evolved spiritual beings”

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I watch and read the reports on Palestine. The land of Palestine, being fought over. One side with all the latest in weaponry supplied and supported by the most powerful country in the world, the other firing homemade rockets, which is actually more than when they used to…

What does “Drink like an Indian” mean anyway?

I saw an advertisement on Facebook over the weekend promoting McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon in Washington, DC. The image had pilgrim and Indian caricatures at the top. Slogans underneath the pictures read “Party like a pilgrim” and “Drink like an Indian.”   Isn’t that stereotypical? You would think that the people who live in theContinue reading “What does “Drink like an Indian” mean anyway?”

There’s no honor in fake feather headdresses…

The Lakota have many, many ancestors who were Akicita. They are the primary reason why our sons and daughters still feel the pull to join the military. The warrior spirit is in our DNA. While the country is remembering our veterans this week, I know that many Lakota people remember our veterans and active dutyContinue reading “There’s no honor in fake feather headdresses…”

2012 Oglala Sioux Tribe General Election unofficial results

2012 OST General Election unofficial results 4, 431 voted with close to 300 challenge votes, 125 absentee ballots 11/06/12   President Bryan Brewer 2,266, John Yellow Bird Steele 2,128 With just under 300 challenge votes   Vice president Tom Poor Bear 2,461, William Shorty Brewer 1,927   Results for tribal council Pine Ridge Irv ProvostContinue reading “2012 Oglala Sioux Tribe General Election unofficial results”